Eyelash Extensions Are The
Hottest Trend From Hollywood!

eyelash extensions Seattle
eyelash extensions Seattle
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Real Mink lashes are a cruelty free product. The lashes are gathered by brushing the mink, then sterilizing the lashes, sorting the lengths and then they are affixed to a tray for sale.
We are proud to be the first salon in the Northwest to feature REAL Mink lashes instead of the Synthetic lashes commonly referred to as mink due to their 'style'. If you are paying for MINK you should be getting REAL Mink.
Not sure if you have on real mink? Call us for a simple at home test you can do to find out.

Have you been reading about eyelash extensions in fashion magazines, and admired them on the runways and red carpets?

If you would like remarkable, long, natural looking eyelashes that last longer than mascara, look better than false lashes, and can withstand close scrutiny, then the answer is Seattle Eyelash Extensions - the hottest new trend to hit the beauty industry in years!

Each individual lash is applied on a lash by lash basis to your natural lashes with a special bonding agent that can last anywhere from two weeks to two months. You can have a full set or partials—lashes are applied only at the outer corners of the natural lashes—and the service takes anywhere from 30 minutes to two & 1/2 hours. You may wear water-soluble mascara however waterproof mascara will dissolve the bond with the lashes.

Dina, a top makeup and brow artist who has been an international makeup artist for 23 years, is proud to offer this service at Dina S Good Salon in Seattle WA. Salon eyelash extensions are made of a single polyester fiber thread, and there are a variety of color options available. We can help transform your eyelashes for a longer, thicker, more defined look. See how 'Good' your best can be! Lush lashes are only a phone call away.


Eye Lash Extensions Full Set - $185
Limited time for Top & Bottoms

Top Lashes - Limited time $135

Partial set ( 30 lashes per eye )- $99

Fills $58 - $68

Real Mink Eye Lash Extensions - ($450)
Limited time $250

Partial set Mink ( 30 lashes per eye )- $199

Mink Fills $120

Lower Lashes Full Set - ($100)
Limited time $50

Lower Lashes Fills - $35

eyelash extensions Seattle

Lower eyelash extensions

Actual photo of upper and lower lashes. Notice how natural they are even close up. Lower extensions can open up your eyes and make your eyes appear larger! Call today to book with our advanced technicians! We are the ONLY salon in town offering lower lashes.

Lower Full Set
“Eyelash extensions are the latest beauty trend sweeping the red carpet and heading to a salon near you.”
3/27/06, USA Today
Nicolette Sheridan
Paris Hilton
Lea Lachey
Cheryl Tiegs
Daryl Hanna

Deidre Hall
Angela Bassett
Nia Vardalos
Paula Abdul
Lindsay Lohan

  Seattle Long Thick Lashes
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  lush lashes
This is one of the best kept Beverly Hills' Beauty Secrets. As seen in Vogue magazine, lash extensions are weightless, and give an extremely sensual look both day and night. Whether you are going to the beach, your high school or family reunion, getting married, or planning a Beverly Hills night out.

Applying one lash at a time onto your existing natural eyelash, or using a flare method we will transform your lashes into lush, beautiful, longer eyelashes. Enhance your natural beauty and amazingly increase your self confidence.

Our eye lash extensions are long lasting and weightless on your eyes, and are resistant to water, showering, sweat, exercise, tears, swimming and even sleeping. Newly offered in the US and sweeping the Beverly Hills & Hollywood Celebrity crowd, eyelash extensions are made to look identical to thick, beautiful, natural human lashes. You can look like a movie star today!
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eyelash extension extensions Seattle eyelash extensions Seattle eyelash extensions Seattle eyelash extensions Seattle

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